Making a Leather Notebook Cover (with Glowforge)

We recently acquired a new Glowforge at the 80Proof Goods studio! Having a laser cutter on hand is changing the leather craft process for the better, making it more efficient and entertaining. With that said, I've started a YouTube channel so I can make some content with the new Glowforge and share my process.

The Process

The first video I wanted to put together was a notebook cover process. I cut the components of the Leather notebook cover with the Glowforge, and shot the entire build process from start to finish. Unfortunately I lost the footage of the hand-dying process, so I'll have to highlight that in the next video. For this one, I dyed it Navy Blue, and hand stitched it with Midnight Blue thread. In the video description you'll find a list of all tools and equipment used in the process, and if you're interested the Notebook Cover template goes hand in hand with this process - you can find it in the here in the Patterns collection.


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