Making our New Leather Desk Mat

Leather Desk Mats have always been a bucket list item for the store. It really adds so much character to a desk that so many of us work from at home or in the office. These mats are made from full-grain pull-up leathers that are water resistant, which means you can put your coffee mug on them and not worry about spillage or the condensation dripping! They're also very forgiving with scratches - the waxy top makes it easy to rub or buff out!

The Process

We had to break out our Glowforge Pro's Passthrough Slot for the first time to even begin making these! The 16x40" acrylic template got to work right away on our English Tan Harvest leather (a fan favorite!). This is the LARGE version, and a small 12.75x28" option is available as well!


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