Making a $250 Shell Cordovan Minimalist Wallet | ASMR

Shell Cordovan is one of the most premium, luxury leathers you can buy (made from horse's butt). I got my hands on 2.5 sq ft of it a few months ago to make myself a watch band to wear at my wedding, but then I had all the leftovers sitting around collecting dust. I finally got around to making myself a Slim Minimalist Wallet for the new year, and filmed the entire process.

The Process

This video highlights every single step of the process. Making a Slim Minimalist Wallet is one of the relatively easier things to make, and our Glowforge made it even easier. I had a pattern cut out of acrylic to help me identify exactly how much of the Shell I'd need for the wallet, which saves me from wasting any of this expensive leather.

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