How to Make a Leather Notebook Cover (with Glowforge)

The Glowforge is going strong! It's a learning curve, for sure, but it's slowing picking up steam. In the last video, I generally showed the entire process of making an A5 notebook cover, but in this one I wanted to explain everything in detail.

The Process

From start to finish you can learned how to create your own notebook cover with this video. I use some basic hand tools you can find on Amazon in a "starter kit", and other tools are a bit more top-shelf and efficient. Obviously the better the tools, the more easily you can tackle each step of the process, but they can be done with time and patience regardless of how much money you spent on tools.

For this I'm using Wheat Harvest pull-up leather from Acadia Leather, and Auburn Vinymo #5 thread. An A5 cover from 80PG doesn't include a notebook or pen, so for this we're just focusing on the cover itself. You'll learn about my process, and I'll throw some tips and tricks out there along each step of the way. If you want to make one for yourself, check out the Patterns collection on the site.


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