Frequently asked questions

What kind of leather do you use?

I use full-grain leather for all 80Proof Goods products. A common misconception is that "genuine leather" is the best quality, when in reality its pretty much the bottom of the barrel. Full-grain leather is the top-of-the-line quality, and that's all we'll ever use. Full-grain vegetable tanned leather, Pueblo, and pull-up leather are some of the options we have.

What is "pull-up" leather?

Pull-Up leather is honestly one of my personal favorites. This kind of leather has oils mixed in that give is a special sheen or finish, and after the hides are vaccumed dry you get the final result. When you "pull-up" or crease the leather, the oils move around and create lighter streaks within the leather that make it so uniquely beautiful. Those streaks can be massaged out and it returns to the original color. It's fun to work with and results in such a one-of-a-kind product.

Do you accept custom orders?

Well, yes and no. I'm happy to discuss any custom order request you have, but I can't guarantee I can take on the product. If it's something that I dont have proper tools for, don't have much experience with, or if I'm too slammed with orders already, I may not be able to take it. If you have a custom order that I can carve out time for and have the means to do so, lets do it! You can send over these requests using the CONTACT tab at the top!

Why are some goods so expensive?

Well, theres a few things that factor into final price. The cost of materials is a big one. Some hides are more expensive than others, which effects the cost. Also, all of the goods you'll find from 80Proof Goods are made by one single artisan - that means the cost of time is important. There are brands out there that make great affordable leather goods, but they're usually assembly line processed in a factory somewhere, and I believe that just loses some of the special qualities you get from a handcrafted leather good. Remember, hand stitched is more durable and lasts longer than machine stitched!